Thursday, October 30, 2008

Traci Hall Author of Love's Magic posts for The Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers

Please take the time on November 1st to go read and comment on Traci Hall author of 'Loves Magic', a wonderful new paranormal that is on the book shelves for sale now!
Traci also is the author of several YA books that are just as great.
We would love for you to meet this talented author and prior president of the Florida Romance Writers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A good book

A good book can make you feel better. It can help you to file your problems into the back of your head, it can give you a break, if only for awhile. A good book can take you to places you will never otherwise go, to see in your mind through imagery, those things which you would never otherwise see. Stories introduce you to new people, through which you can learn, with whom you can commiserate. New planets, far away galaxies are right in the same room with you. Ideas which you never thought of zoom through your mind. Learn how to handle new situations, or new problems in the pages of a book. Dogs, cats, horses, and even tigers and lions, find a way into your heart. Sad things, happy things, funny things, reading can take you through a myriad of emotions. Teach yourself new ideas, new knowledge is a gift. Or you can even fall in love with romance. Do yourself the kindest of favors.

Read, read, and read some more. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My blog with Dayana Knight

Today I have a blog with Dayana Knight! I hope anyone who has the chance will take a look.
Have a great day and write you guys, write!
A little reading wouldn't hurt either.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Funniest Thing That I Ever Saw

The funniest thing I ever saw happened one day when I was chasing my older brother Mike. He always was a stinker, just like any other older brother. He would hit me and and run. I would start to chase him determined to smack him back. Inevitably I would be the one to get yelled at. All my parents ever saw was me going after him.

As a kid I seethed inside. Sneaky son of a gun. I'd get him one way or the other.

At the time we lived in Wantagh, NY. I was in eighth grade and he was, if I remember correctly, two years ahead of me. The house we lived in was a split level on a street called Manchester Road. Now anyone who knows what a split level house is, knows that a series of steps separated one floor from another. The basement had stairs up to first floor that had a bedroom and a bathroom. The first floor stairs to the living room, dining room, and kitchen, on the second floor. Then more steps went up, and on the third floor, was another bathroom and three more bedrooms. A large house for a large family of eight.

Now on the second floor the stairway down had a wall above it. I call it my favorite wall. Anyways, he would hit me run and I was chasing him as usual. But this time he decided to take a leap and skip the seven or so steps down to the first floor. He thought that he'd get clean away again. As I chased him, I watched him attempt to jump down to the first floor landing. And smack, he slammed into the wall above the steps. He slid down to the floor in a crumple. I stopped for a second, not quite understanding what I had witnessed. Then It hit me. I started to laugh, I laughed like I never had before. I laughed until my sides hurt. Apparently one of my sisters also saw the whole thing. She ran over to him, I was still laughing and he was out for the count. Not for long, but long enough for me to finish rolling on the floor.

Luckily he wasn't hurt. Except maybe his budding male pride. I loved it. It made up for years of losing. For years of him throwing acorns on my head and singing, Mary monster to me. For the rest of my life, I got him. I got him and I never laid a hand on him.

It was the funniest thing I ever saw, and the best day I'd ever had. And it still is.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lottery Ticket

I had it in my purse for a week, I'd forgotten it was there. I originally started with a $1.- in change.
I figured what the hey, buy a lottery ticket.
Well amaze me, I won $2.-, yippee. So with my $2.- I Won $5.-, I was on my way to a million!
So excitedly I bought that elusive $5.- ticket.
In the back of my head I was rich. I have a friend who actually won $250,000.- on a $10.- scratch off. And If I won $10.- I would buy a biggie, the $10.- out of my range to waste lottery ticket.

And then I forgot about it. It must be the partzeimers.
I met a friend at the Cracker Barrel for lunch, well breakfast cause we love blueberry pancakes.
As I looked in my purse this morning, there it was, my $5.- ticket. Whoo Hoo! What a thrill.
My friend and I put our whammy's on it. Trying to bring me luck and a miracle. Slowly I used my nickel to erase the numbers, starting at the bottom. On the ticket I had there were fifteen numbers and five winning ones. We looked at all the fifteen numbers pushing the lottery doo doo off the table and gearing ourselves for the moment.

I couldn't look at them until I'd uncovered them all. There I was, hoping, smiling and knowing the end was near.

Not a single number, not one, no new ticket, nothin'. Typical, and on the back it said I have a one in three chance of winning something. Yeah right. One in a million. So I threw away the useless ticket. And as I did so I wished my poor luck into the garbage with it.

So now I have to buy two more tickets to win something. No, that's not right, three, because it has to be the same time for the odds to be effective. Geez I wish I had a chance to ask the two suckers in line who bought the next $5.- ticket if they'd won anything. Or does it work like that.

Hmmm. I think if I'm gonna make a million it won't be on the lottery. Now I wish I had my $1.- back.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogging With Dayana Knight

Well I just signed up for October 27th to blog with Dayana Knight. Dayana is a sweetheart and a wonderful, talented, author whose books just amaze me.
I met her at a Florida Romance Writers meeting, (a great group of talented authors), and have admired and loved her since the moment we met.
I just can't wait to have her latest release Curse in hand to read!
So please everyone, come and take a look at my first interview blog! I hope I can think of something stunning to say. Ha!
I also can't wait for the release of my book in Digital on 1/2/09 and print 6/27/09, this has been the thrill and most wonderful accomplishment of my life. I hope that the readers like it, so I can continue to write sequels to 'Tripping Through Time'. Be well, and keep on readin'

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Mountain

We own a very small piece of property on the top of a mountain in North Carolina. It's beautiful there. Lush green trees cover the winding roads that lead up to the top. The first time I was there it had nearly impassible, narrow, overgrown, weedy and we had to use a four wheel drive vehicle to get there. But when I got there I was hooked.

Off in the distance there are more mountains. The colors change the farther away it is. Way, way, in the distance they were almost a deep purple. All around me the sounds and sights of nature flooded my senses. The deep earthy smell of fallen branches and leaves released with each step I took. My big black dog sat there like the king of the mountain, now tired from chasing rabbits or whatever other wild creature he found. I knew then and there I was at home. It just hit me, the beauty, the quiet, the isolation, and the feeling that I was a small part of all of this overwhelmed me.

I felt a sense of stepping back in time. I wondered if I had stepped on the same soil that someone years ago had walked. They must have walked because I doubt that a horse could get up the steep inclines. Or maybe they followed trails made by animals. Had anyone ever had a cabin up there? Possibly a trapper lived there with his wife. Gnawing a life from from the land, having children, loving, and living. I was awed at the thought of it.

Of course anywhere in the mountains of North Carolina is like stepping into the past.

So that's when I knew it. I was home. Someday god willing I will be able to build a home there, living with the ghosts of the past and hoping they will share my mountain and let me make history too.