Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Big Black German Shepherd Dog

Junior is a big boy. He weighs about 125lbs or so. He takes up a very big portion of the bed. Every night he gets up on the bed and waits for his biscuits, one handful leads to two. All he does to tell me he wants more is to kick me with his back foot and whine a bit. Now who would have thought I would be catering to a big baby dog at my age.
He's very bossy, if the phone rings he gets agitated, he hates the phone and barks until you're off. I've had to leave the room. If it's time for dinner, hes at the his dish giving me the "well", look.
But mostly he's sensitive. If I cry he puts his head in my lap. He always shares my pain. And in doing so he makes me feel better. That's why God gave us dogs. To take up room on the bed, to keep you going with demands, and best of all to love. Because he loves me no matter what. How often can you say that and be positive you're right.
Do you have an animal you love, and why? What's so special about your pet?