Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emails and when to press send

Today I learned a lesson. No matter how careful you think you are in sending an email, you should double think before you send one.
The first dumb thing I did was to make a political comment on one loop. Now grant you I didn't realize that it was going to the loop, but it did. I thought I was responding to an email sent to me, I should have checked again. See what I mean?
I want to do the right thing and get awfully upset when I mess up.

The second thing that happened was not really directed at me. I belong to a wonderful group of women who have a promotional blog site. One of the women there has had a lot of personal and professional nightmares in her life. She made the mistake of complaining about it on the loop for that group, constantly. Unfortunately she made just to many comments about her problems and some people are sick of it and don't want to hear it. My problem is that my soft heart felt to sorry for her, that I tried to help by giving support, and I feel that just added to the problem. I am so new to all this stuff, I didn't know any better, but I do

I think that one must learn where and when to vent and believe me I learned a lot on the subject today. People need positive input and that's is what they are looking for. We all have problems, but we need to know who and when to tell them too. Life is short, and I want to forget my problems, and everyone surely feels the same.

So I learned a lesson, don't send any email until you are sure you have the correct address in your mailbox. And try not to get too involved with others issues.

I feel like a dinosaur, things were different for me in my youth. People were different and maybe I should have been born so that I was an adult when "My Three Sons" was on TV. Life was different, you didn't have to worry about this kind of thing. The wasn't any internet then and the best you could do was make a phone call. But then again I remember being very young when there were party lines, people would listen to everyone's phone calls and then gab the latest. You learned a lot about what to say on a phone line. A lot of dirty laundry got aired that way. So emails are the party lines of the day.

Email away, but know that you are talking to potentially tons of people, and you'd do better to put your best foot forward. I think that's a life lesson, put your best out there and the best will come back to you.

So take it from me. Be very, very, careful when you decide to press that send button, think before you press SEND, you'll be glad you did.