Friday, August 1, 2008

Publish Date and Jianne Carlo

Well I am getting closer to getting a publish date. I should know within the next two weeks when. I will be so glad to finally get it, and so hoping that it will sell. Time will tell, whether people want to take a trip through time with me or not. I wonder whether I should dye my hair for the occasion. Ha!

My friend Jianne Carlo just published her book. In the first two weeks she sold over 640 books. I am amazed, I know she is a fantastic writer, but how did everyone else know? There is now way I could match those figures. I am just in shock, and once they read it, Manacled in Monaco will be a new hit. I just feel it in my bones. Jianne is a beautiful, educated, petite, classy and motivated woman. I think she would be a success at whatever she wrote about, but this story is killer. There is so much sex, fantastic imagery, great dialogue, a riveting story in a romantic tropical setting; yes I'm saying it, this story rocks. Jianne reminds me what it was like when I was younger. How my heart beat when he drove up in front of my house. Those feelings all came back to me, and I remember the lust very well. Hmmm where is he?

Congratulations, to my friend and critique partner. I am so lucky to know you. You are a class act, and a great writer. I wish you the best.