Friday, June 11, 2010

If I Could Have Any Man I Wanted!

Yes a difficult choice isn't it?

Have a great day and enjoy the hot hero type!

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Now tell me who doesn't love a hot cowboy in your latest read?
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Or any outdoorsey type of hunk?

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Maybe he's like the guy next door?

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He could be in law enforcement...

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Or the bad boy we all were attracted to at one time or another,

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 A very hot looking actor?

Ramirez AllenderSexy Men Comments

Any one of many guys to make a good day dream.
But my personal favorite is......

Josh Holloway 6

Josh Halloway is mighty fine looking for a hero type.

Ah yes, Gerard Butler, a very good looking guy. Yes, he'd make a great Jamie. What do you think? I can't choose between the two of them so which one should I choose?

In my dreams huh??