Friday, February 6, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Little old ladies who smile. They are very special.
Little old men who hold the hands of their long time spouse the little old lady.
Hyacinths and Lilac bushes, blooming in the spring. The feeling you get when you
watch the spring thaw. Huge mountains in the distance. Clear lakes, and bubbling brooks are so cool. Puppies and kittens, such sweet love. Fresh cut roses fill the air with perfume.
People who take the time to say kind words. Sappy love tale movies, old ones and new ones.
Soft baby bunny rabbits are sweet.
Honest people, people who are not self centered, they think of others.
I love people who make an effort to make someone else feel comfortable, welcome or loved.
Friends, old friends, new friends all types of friends.
Gentle people, people who smile and share smiles with others.
Babies, other peoples sweet babies, they smell so fresh and alive.
I like when someone lets me in front when I am trying to change car lanes. I like when a man opens my door, (yeah, I know, I still do). i like movies like Braveheart. Hugs and more hugs.
Lobster, lots of lobster. A good book review, even just one, gosh I'd like that, (yup). Reading, I love to read. I like Lost and Heroes and I have no idea why I like heroes, I like Lost because I like Sawyer, the brooding bad boy at his best. I love my mom, she is a good person. I love my brothers and sisters, so I like that. My dog, my big black baby boy doggie. People who ask how I am and then wait for the answer, that's really great, and really rarely done. People who keep their promises are very special.

So what are a few the things that make you smile?