Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Around Me

I sat down to try and do some writing, but I got lost in life around me.

My canary started singing a haunting tune as he sits two feet away from me on his perch. If I close you eyes I can bring my blood pressure down at least 20 points.

Then the sound of the water fountains in my pool, distracts me. I have a lush, emerald, jungle, in my back yard. Huge banana, pink flowering pentas, palms, and a large avocado tree, surround the aqua blue 15X30 pool outside of my sliding glass back door. We put a lot of money into the yard when we both had jobs. Now when I close my eyes I get another 10 points off the BP.

I smell the jasmine it's sweet cloying sense drugs me.

While my eyes are still closed my soft coated, black, German Shepard sits at my feet. My hands use another sense that brings another 10 points at least.

I open my eyes and look at the overwhelming collection of tropicals outside my door. I have achieved a measure of peace that frees my soul. Not to mention another drop in BP.

Then it hits. A wave of power so fierce my heart slams in my chest from the sudden appearance.
the TV sound blasts a mind altering commercial not ten feet from me. The instant sound of the speakers sending strong shocks through my system.

I look up and see it, I thought I had more time, I thought I could heal part of my stressed soul and be more creative. Write more--dream--accomplish.... Those three words undo me, my BP raises 50 points, my body is on flight or fight mode and I suddenly deflate.

I can't write now. The inspiration has left me. The drudgery of repetition brings a huge sigh from deep within me as I rise.

The smell of sweat is repugnant. Black sludge in my kitchen sink has hands are washed with orange degreaser.

He's back..he's so loud, and bossy today, and he says it again, "What's for dinner". He had to work on the car and he hates it and is torturing me because he feels like it. He is really pisssing me off. Another 15 points up, up, up.

Men, my sister always says, it's a matter of finding the least of the worst.

Well maybe tomorrow, if I make it. I'll write some more, (grin) I begin dinner and he really will not like it I can guarantee it. That's the thing with power. The ultimate revenge is in the hands of the cook!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life in Florida-the Change of Seasons

Florida is a beautiful state. There are bright people here despite the hanging chads. It made us mad too!
Certainly in the dead of a six month long spell of freezing weather, this is paradise. The ocean and palm trees, this is the place to be.

The one thing I miss about not being up North is the wonderful change of seasons. Here in Florida the change is almost imperceptible to anyone who does not live here. It's so subtle in the fall. The first thing I notice is that the crystals I have hanging outside of the back sliding glass doors, will start to throw their rainbows across the room as they move in the breezes, flashing colors around the kitchen and living room in a kaleidoscope effect. The sun has begun to move lower in the sky and more to the south, as it does light finally hits the faceted leaded glass.

The next thing I notice is that at night it is not quite as humid. Usually nightfall doesn't provide much change in the oppression of sauna like heat. Even though it is insidious, it starts to be less stifling outside. There is the hint in the air of subtle change. Yes, the evenings are just a tad less humid. That's about it.

Winter brings less humidity and the chance of temperatures getting below eighty degrees. When you can open the windows it's winter. this is the time the natives bring out their winter coats in preparation for the maybe two or three nights it gets below fifty. Below forty five they break out the gloves.

Spring the heat begins again, till by summer you can fry a egg on your head outside. I haven't tried this, but I've felt the heat on my head and it sure seems like it could cook food. It's cooked my head several times already.

Now it's summer, my crystals are no longer shining into the house to brighten my day. By the time I get from my front door to the car my head is drenched. By the time the AC kicks in my hair lies in wet globs of sweat. I'm having hot flashes from the ninety five degree temps. and the ninety percent humidity. And God help us all there are hurricanes, Florida sticks out into the Atlantic like a thumb.

The only difference between me and the snow birds is the money to leave. How did native Floridians stand it before air conditioning. Can anybody tell me?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today Was One Of Those Days

The first thing this morning I got a phone call, in which I was told that our vacation was ruined. The poor fellow we rented a cabin in NC for years from had gotten a divorce and the vindictive significant other took it as part of her settlement. Just to break the poor mans heart. He'd worked for years to build it up.

I love NC and finding out that we were not going to be able to go in October broke my heart. I have waited for a year to go and see our property cleared and redyed for the septic system. I was hoping my book sales could help pay to have it put in. Now after scrimping to save the money, we paid and waited for the contractor to do it. Now cleared land must look so much better to be able to view where to put your home. And it would show us what views we might have.

So I'm starting the day pretty bummed already.

Then I go to the Cracker Barrel to exchange my lamp which was purchased in December as a gift for me. The friend who bought it was with me. I had the box, and the charge receipt. I had previously spoken to a manager who told me, "No problem, just bring it in."

So as soon as I walk in I hear an obnoxious voice tell me that that lamp didn't come from this store. They never sold that in the store. So showing her the box with large Cracker Barrel logos, didn't convince her. Simply because she wanted to mess with me. She had an 'attitude' of the worst kind I have ever seen and was so obnoxious, she eventually had me in tears. I'm not done with her.

Next my car. My 1995 Ford Taurus with less than 51,000 miles on it, is messing up again.
The air conditioner had just been repaired, new tires, brakes checked and fluids changed.
Now the check engine light has started to come on, and the engine is missing.

So let me tell you, I had a day. I'm gonna go take a pill and go to sleep.

May tomorrow be another day, only better.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Husband the Repairman

If something is broken he can fix it. I just gave him the shower cleaning thingee that just stopped working. I hope he can fix it. I hate to buy a new one and I have been pushing for the repair.
He recently fixed my car air conditioning. It took weeks, he's not the youngster he once was. Though I haven't told him so. Living in Florida without AC is like a sentence. By the time you get where you're going, your drenched in sweat. And I don't think a woman my age should sweat.
I haven't got an appliance that isn't 20 years old. That's one downside.
The biggest problem is that he is like the Charlie Brown cartoon character, Pig Pen. Stuff just falls off of him as he walks by. There are screwdrivers and various tools on the TV and saws, drills, etc., by the couch, front door, back door, everywhere.
The kitchen table is hard to find. I know that there is a coffee table under all the stuff.
Every time he starts a new project, out comes more junk. Metric tools and regular tools never find themselves in the tool box, cause he never puts anything away. So he can never find anything. He runs around the house like a madman yelling unintelligible comments under his breath.
When he worked on the roof one time, he got himself up there, and then screamed for two hours for me to get the tools he should have put up there. I am the queen of gofers.
After he finishes his latest project, maybe we can put some of this stuff I trip over away. I can't wait to sit on my couch again, to not need that little flashlight to see what's in the way. To not fall and break my neck, and to look at a neat organized and clean house. Ahhh.

Check that, the washer just broke.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life is too short to waste on worry

My mother is a worrier, she has suffered the terrible pain of my fathers death at least twenty times. He gets sick, goes into the hospital and she is sure he will die. The fact that the doctor says he'll be okay she still worries. He is usually home the next day. I will say that she will not last long without him. They've been together that long.

And I have come to realize that there must be a worry gene. I will think of absolutely the worst possible scenario's, and none of them happen. I spend nites up until two am., just to worry about something. Mind you most of the time it never happens, but it is my job to worry.

How worrying helps is hard to say. The only thing I can think of it that it occupies my mind. I have nothing to fill the quiet with.

So I guess that's why God invented authors. Because there is nothing in this world that fills the time like a good book. Romance writer...take me away--