Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am Interviewing Heather Graham, Rhonda Pollero and Skhye Moncrief

I am a member of a wonderful blog called The Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers. We blog about all kinds of things, and we have a wide variety of people with different opinions and strong ideals. We respect good writing when we see it.

So in that light I am telling everyone I have the privilege of interviewing three wonderful authors in the month of March.

On March 6th I have been fortunate enough to get THE New York Times Best Selling Author, Heather Graham to blog for us! Am I good or what!
We all know who she is and the list of books and honors would fill this page if I tried to put them all down on paper. She is the best of the best and her name will undoubtedly go down in the annals of romance history!
'The Runaway' convinced me agree to move to Florida, and the 'Seance', made me desperately want to be a part of a seance!

On March 13th, I will interview the up and coming author, Skhye Moncrief, who has publised seven books with the. . Skhye is a fellow author with The Wild Rose Press, my own publishing company. Where she is wll known and well loved. Her book, 'Haunted Hearts' exposes cults and 'He Of The Fiery Sword' is written in my favorite genre, time travel, a dragon in human form is sent back in time from the 61st Century. Cool!

On March 16th, I will interview THE USA Today Best Selling Author, Rhonda Pollero/Kelsey Roberts. Rhonda's acerbic wit drew me in and she makes me feel like I am with a down to earth regular person. Yet her class shines like a crystal chandelier. She is also the best of the best, and her books will also fill libraries till the end of time. From the Intrigue of 'His Only Son' which helped foster my love to read, to the to the hilarious Finley series, and 'Fat Chance', I got hooked. She cracks me up, Rhonda can write. Boy can she write!

PLEASE come to our blog at, on 3/2, 3/13, and 3/16. (psst...I am trying to impress the others.)

I think if this is successful I will try to get other authors to blog for me. Are you with me?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Me and Ellen

A few years ago I had osteomyelitis, which is an infection of the bone. For a couple of months my hand hurt. It started out slightly painful and got to the point where if I touched it, the pain was incredible. I really hate going to the doctors so I pretended it would go away. I guess I was able to stand it because I was taking pain medication for my herniated discs. And I didn't want any medical expenses I couldn't afford to pay.

Well, one day I woke to find my hand enormously swollen, and a harsh red area on the inside of my upper wrist. My husband with his usual finesse, dubbed it my lobster claw. Well I was in the hospital for two weeks on massive doses of antibiotics. The pain was just incredible, nothing is worse than bone pain.

After that I had to go to the hospital every morning to get my antibiotics for over two months. I would go to Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach, every day including weekends.
On the weekdays I found myself in a large room, the same room that I had a PICC line installed in my arm. Ouch! Anyways, there were people there getting blood or platelet transfusions for cancer, and things like that done, as well as people like me. There were those there who had fatal diseases and suffered with fear and pain. A smile became a big thing for these people. It was, well, it was sad.

Now mind you I never watched Ellen before that. But because the TV was a community thing, I had to watch it. I found the show funny and engaging. But the very best part came, when Ellen danced.

Those who could hopped up out of their reclining chairs, including the nurses and aides. A sad and depressing place suddenly came alive. They were dancing around and laughing, and I couldn't believe it. For a few short minutes every day, they danced. They forgot for a moment, they forgot the pain, the fear and the unhappiness, and in that one moment Ellen became a star for me. Not for the comedy, but for the dancing. Can you believe it?

Toting IV poles and shuffling in slippers, rolling wheel chairs around, their pain was momentarily forgotten. A for just a while there was joy, pure joy, in a very sad place. It happened every day I was there. A little bit of momentary joy came into their lives. And for people facing death thats a good thing.

So I wrote to Ellen, and I invited her to come to the hospital and see. Well they never even answered me, they must get a million letters. But I'll bet Ellen would get a big kick out of the small gift she had given these people. A little fun for a few minutes. It would have to last some of them all day. But for them, they were able to escape. And that's where I came to realize that Ellen was doing the same thing we do as writers. I like to think that we as authors are giving that same gift to others. She gave them an escape. A time to forget their problems and have fun. How cool is that?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Little old ladies who smile. They are very special.
Little old men who hold the hands of their long time spouse the little old lady.
Hyacinths and Lilac bushes, blooming in the spring. The feeling you get when you
watch the spring thaw. Huge mountains in the distance. Clear lakes, and bubbling brooks are so cool. Puppies and kittens, such sweet love. Fresh cut roses fill the air with perfume.
People who take the time to say kind words. Sappy love tale movies, old ones and new ones.
Soft baby bunny rabbits are sweet.
Honest people, people who are not self centered, they think of others.
I love people who make an effort to make someone else feel comfortable, welcome or loved.
Friends, old friends, new friends all types of friends.
Gentle people, people who smile and share smiles with others.
Babies, other peoples sweet babies, they smell so fresh and alive.
I like when someone lets me in front when I am trying to change car lanes. I like when a man opens my door, (yeah, I know, I still do). i like movies like Braveheart. Hugs and more hugs.
Lobster, lots of lobster. A good book review, even just one, gosh I'd like that, (yup). Reading, I love to read. I like Lost and Heroes and I have no idea why I like heroes, I like Lost because I like Sawyer, the brooding bad boy at his best. I love my mom, she is a good person. I love my brothers and sisters, so I like that. My dog, my big black baby boy doggie. People who ask how I am and then wait for the answer, that's really great, and really rarely done. People who keep their promises are very special.

So what are a few the things that make you smile?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pet Peeves-Got Any?

Pet Peeves-Got Any?

People are different, each of us has something unique about us that makes us special. Today I watched a customer at a deli counter, be rude to the girl waiting on her behind it. Now as far as I am concerned, I wouldn't irritate the person who was currently handling my food. So then I started to think about my pet peeves. I don't know as I have more than anyone else does, but they seem to bother me.

First, I hate rude people. Like the customer at the deli counter talking down to her server. I always try to be nice. Then they offer me a taste.

I don't like lies. I personally always got caught, because I couldn't remember I lied. It isn't true so it doesn't stay in my head. I don't like it, I'd rather hear the truth than a lie, it doesn't work. And when someone lies to me and I catch them, I don't trust them anymore.

I don't like grouchy people. You know the ones who have road rage, or just act snotty. They are apt to be lonely.

Rude gestures, that finger should break buddy. Smile it shocks them.

People who run over others. Slow down, you'll only get there five minutes before me, and you will probably still have to wait. I mean literally too. Don't walk over someone to get where you want to go. It will come back to you.

Don't be late though. It's rude.(See above)

Stealing, give me back my change, if you deserve a tip, I'll give you one. Ever go to lunch and everyone leaves their money on the table. But the amount left is always short, and you end up stuck with the bill. You know who you are, it's stealing.
(Stealing includes taking anything that is not yours without permission)

Impolite men, open the darn door for me. I deserve the respect. Women love a guy who is a gentlemen, smells good and treats them right. Nice pecs help too.

Cursing, it makes a person look stupid and low life. I remember years ago I used the bad one and it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well there never is a right time. But I was embarrassed when it came out. So I have been careful ever since.

So tell me people, what are your pet peeves, let's see what anyone else comes up with.

Next blog, I'll tell you what I like. Like my cousin who makes me laugh.
I got a list of that stuff too!