Friday, April 29, 2011

Psychics, do you believe?

No fancy pictures today because I am gonna tell you about my psychic experience!
I had a reading. The very first thing she said is that she saw money all around me. Where????
She did say that my second book was fantastic, Hmmm, I was gonna make a lot and sell it very soon.
But what was most interesting was the spirits she saw around me. She picked up on my grandmother and she told me a few things. She said my grannie was squeezing my cheeks and doing the Woo, Woo, that the last pope used to do. Well I'll tell you I got the chills. Cause she always did that.
She told me my aunt was there, the great cook. The one who taught me how to. Wow!!
That there was a baby girl there with them and she is happy. Now I never had any children so this one tripped me up. Until I got the chills when my sister yelled, "It's Lauren!!" The daughter she lost at birth. Freaky eh?
She talked about land I had near Maggie Valley in NC. The reason we have had so much trouble is that the place is haunted by angry spirits!!! That I will sell it and move somewhere else, the spirits would never allow us to be happy, just like the people that live there now. And let me tell you they all fight!!
Over nonsense!
But the thing that touched me the most was when she talked about my father. She got him right off, the force of his personality set her back. She told me he was sorry. Now, many times in my life I have tried to get my father to say that. He never would. She said he was abusive, but that he wanted me to know that was all he knew. She said he loved me and that he wished he'd acted differently. What hit me like a rock was when she said he was proud of me. Very. That would be a first if it were true. He was a rough taskmaster and his idea of respect was if you were afraid of him. But for the first time in my life. I heard those words. And I hope in my heart that they are true words. Cause then I could go on and forget the bad things. So what do you think, is she for real? What do you all think. Do you believe???