Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hands Full!

Today I received the privilege of taking care of a four month old German Shepherd puppy. My brother-in-law has to go into the hospital and yes I am a sap.
I expected a bit more time before he went in, to prepare. Well guess what? I forgot, since it has been nine years since I had a puppy, just how much energy they have. It tires me to watch it. My Shepherd is spoiled rotten. He has a box full of toys that he mostly ignores. Well it's like I opened a puppy store. There are toys and chews from one end of the house to another. Watching the unbridled enthusiasm amazes me. And then suddenly, plop, she's down and out for the count.

I don't think I want a young puppy. In order to not have pee on the floor, I have to remember to take her out every couple of hours. My big boy looks at me as if I'm foolish. He has his routine and this constant peeing is just beneath him. God help me tonight, will this last all night? Do I have to wake up every few hours or else.

The stray cat doesn't help the situation either. Oh yeah, I forget to mention the stray cat. For the last three or four days my other half has brought this cat in to eat. Now I told him that in kitty land feeding a stray cat is tantamount to inviting it to live with you. Now I can't say that feeling the bones on every inch of this poor cat just blew my head away. And I took out the canned mackerel and hoped I have not caused it to have any problems. Well it's better then starving I guess. The pieces of lamb worked one day, even the dogs food works. I know that the sucker in me will end up buying the cat food, I just know it. I refuse to put the cat doo doo box in the house, I just won't be changing cat litter under any circumstances.

I also have to watch what else they get to eat. My other half would feed them whatever he ate, which could end up with doggie doo doo as a problem from that. And guess who will have to wake up and let the dogs out. Our animals never ask him for help, always me.

Then there's the canary. The cat, who comes just for dinner right now, got a gander of the bird and the eyes lit up like beacons. Luckily it was easily distracted by what is it now, oh yeah ham. The bird seed is just for the bird. We birds, since the feeders are full outside. So that takes care of the wild birds and squirrels. The raccoons well they are on their own, the fruit and coconut trees will have to do for them. I refuse to feed them too.

Thank goodness there is nothing else that needs me to feed it, oh wait, Chris get that horse out of here!!! No you can't bring it in the house!!! Stop, are you crazy?

Excuse me for now, I have to get that cow off the front porch. No I don't have any hay....