Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Want From 2010

Landscapes Comments

I want to have a home in a rural area, away from the big city, but close to a good hospital and stores.

Pets Comments

I want a new puppy to cuddle and keep Junior company.

Landscapes Comments

I want to feel peace.

Flowers Comments

I want beautiful flowers and lots of books to read

Sexy Men Comments

My DH to keep me company.

And I want a new book to come out this year. The sequel to Tripping Through Time.
Burned Into Time is the story of Lacy McCalley. The sister of the heroine in book one travels back in time.
She doesn't get to leave as she planned to. She's burned into time is the best way to explain it.
A wonderful man saves her. But the burns have destroyed her self image. She doesn't want her sister to see her this way.
Why would a man fall in love with her? Especially now.
What she forgets is that love conquers all and that love is blind.
Ain't that great?!


Happy New Year to Everyone!!! May you live your heart's desire!