Thursday, August 27, 2009

North Carolina again!

My significant other loves fishing. Now mind you, these are trout farm fish, they jump on the line. They also cost like five dollars a pound.
Then you see my sweet niece, she loved looking for special stones in the dirt. Lo and behold one day she found a ruby! No way to know what it will look like until the cut it. She bought a ring with a setting to put the ruby in. The whole thing cost her seventy five dollars. When she asked her jeweler what it was worth he said sixty five dollars. Now that was a good investment huh?
The picture second from the top is what I like about North Carolina. Peace, quiet, friendly people, small town feeling and beautiful scenery to set the mood for my stories.
Can't wait to go again. In autumn when the leaves are changing and are crisp and red or gold. Then I will be able to be cool. Because here in Florida it's hot as Hades.
The car in the road. Well that's my property in North Carolina. We hope to build there if ever we can sell the house we're in.

So what's your favorite get away, get refreshed, place and why? Just curious that's all.