Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have to admit that when I have been listening to everyone talk I am jealous.

What a thrill it must be to meet all of those authors up on a pedestal above us. The ones who put romance books on the real books list. Far cry from the old dime store novels of years ago.

Someone sat near Nora Roberts, Beth Trissel, the same dynamo who was a runner up in the Golden Hearts award. The thrill must have had her heart going double time.
Mona Risk met friends from all over and hobnobbed with romance royalty. Dressed up in lovely gowns and feeling like princesses, they were part of the romance awards. And being there itself, was a prise.

Someday I'm gonna go to RWA Nationals, someday. Someday I will go on a FRW cruise. Yep, right there next to the best of ours I'll stand. Well maybe sit, I'll be in my 90's.
I'll be able to meet all of the people I have spent a fortune on buying their books.
And maybe, just maybe if I'm lucky. I will be a name somebody recognizes. Now wouldn't that be all of it, me the one hit wonder. Somebody will ask for my autograph, and I will be there in the picture smiling.

Wait I just woke up. I'll be fortunate if my editor wants my second book. Oh well, smacked by reality again. I will live even if I had only this one success. 'Tripping Through Time', my story will be published. That's an award in itself for me.