Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to do when you get a bad review.

Yesterday I got my first review on my recently released book, 'Tripping Through Time'. You all know how it is. You work hard on a book, sometimes for years. And you do the best you can, learning all the way in the process. Your heart is in your work. It means so much to you.

And then somebody trashes you in your first review.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my parents always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And there is something wrong when a reviewer ignores that unspoken consideration, when she does a review. Especially when they have not published a book yet, and knows how hard it is and how important it is to you.

Well the first thing I did was to cry hysterically for about twenty four hours. And if I think about it I could still cry. Now I know I am sensitive and need to toughen up, but come on. Then I read the many kind comments people have made to me to make me feel better. They did. Even Christina Dodd got terrible reviews for a book that has been a best seller for years, my critique partner told me. Just ignore it. Well I'm a tryin'.

I know that different people have different tastes. I have read a lot of books I didn't go crazy over. But I would never, ever, trash someone. I have a heart.

Now I'll be honest I uttered a lot of expletives over the the last twenty four hours, toward the person who wrote the review. But only in front of my husband. I also sent out vibes. But all of that is a waste of time.

I decided I am gonna listen to the comments from other writers that are positive. And to give a lot of those comments right back to them. Because I always thought that was what it was about. Writers supporting writers. That's what I choose to do after getting a bad review. I have been told by several others that it's not about what people nay say, it's about sales. And for the whole month of January, I have been the number one best paranormal book sales writer, for the fabulous Wild Rose Press.

That's what I will focus on, while I kick that niggling review right out of my mind every time it try's to get in there. While I thank God for the many wonderful and hugely talented writers, who have been so supportive of me. Thanks guys I love you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The American Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

In my last year of high school my father was stationed in Canada as an Immigration Attache'. The American Embassy where he worked, was located across the street from the Parliament building, in downtown Ottawa. I remember it was a beautiful building, and every day they would have a changing of the guard ceremony. Dark horses, tails braided, hoofs painted black, pranced as excitement passed from one to the other throughout the performance.

The Canadian guardsmen dressed in kilts and plumed hats, were so young and handsome, that as a sixteen year old I was impressed. Toward the very end of it, the horses started to dance and caper, their excitation. They loved to run and they knew what was coming. And then for the finale they galloped at full speed from one end of the field to the other. An awe inspiring sight that you could see from the Embassy windows. Very cool.

My father was the perfect diplomat, he could talk anybody into anything. I once watched him take a five year old broken disposal all unit back to the store and he came home from the store with a free new one. It had to be the perfect job for him.

I met then president, Lyndon B. Johnson, and vice president, Hubert Humphrey, at the American Embassy. The vice-president tried to pick up my youngest brother. He was very cute, but chubby. He couldn't lift him.

A most thrilling day for me was the day I brought my high school class there. I was a senior at Hillcrest High School. The ambassador, Mr. Butterworth, came out and addressed my class, and suddenly I became a bit more popular. Go figure.

What I remember the most was my father dressed up in a suit and tie, always impeccably. He was very handsome, with dark hair and eyes, and he always wore after shave. He showed the class all around the very extravagant Embassy. As we stood by the front entrance we listened to him talk, just before we left. I looked down and saw that we all stood on a huge rug that had the American Eagle, and tons of stars and stripes on it, very patriotic and very American.

I never felt so proud of my father or my country as that very moment. He was a diplomat and he loved his job.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scenes from Vermont childhood

After my book was released on the first, I heard from a special close friend who I patterned a character in my book after. She reminded me of these two events

It must have been 1968 when we were on vacation in Vermont. Lake Champlain is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The VonTrapp family didn't go to Vermont for nothing. From Mount Mansfield, to Keeler's bay on the lake, there is nothing to compare to the scenery and the ambiance.

In the fifties and sixties there were lots of little gift shops everywhere. My mother and grandmother collected Fenton ware and tea cups galore. You know the kind of stuff they are calling shabby sheik and selling for a fortune to us boomers. It decorates tea rooms and little cafes. And we are buying it, it brings back memories, and it really is nice stuff.

Anyways, my whole family was there and my parents had allowed me to bring along my best friend Betsy from Canada. We had such a good time, water skiing in water so cold I wouldn't put my toe in it now. But to the young it is still a great lake for swimming, boating, fishing, you name it.

Well one night the whole family and several relatives were at camp and it was dark out. One of those nights on which you can see the milky way. And everyone started screaming, "there's a UFO outside right overhead." A massive scramble of people from the beach, the camp, out front sitting on the porch, or just anywhere, streamed out to the front lawn to get a glimpse.

They were all oohing and aahing. "Look at the lights, Oh my God, they might land." A myriad of yelling people massed a little closer together, and got quiet. And then it was gone, just like that. It was a huge ship in everyone's mind and to this day I have no idea what it was. And to this day I am pissed that I wasn't wearing my glasses and couldn't see a damn thing. I hated the way I looked in those horrible black foggles my parents had picked out. So I missed it.

The next day my friend and I decided to go for a rowboat ride. We hopped in the boat and started to leave. Then I heard it from my dad, "take your sisters with you." Just great, they wanted to be wherever I was and I wanted to have a little time to myself. So the two brats jumped in wobbling the boat horrible. And if I am not wrong, my other sister wanted in too.

So Betsy and I started to row, and we got quite a ways from shore. We might have tried to fish, I just don't remember. But after awhile in the hot sun, with no water, we decided to head back in. So we started to row, and row, and row, but we still drifted further from shore. Just then my parents and uncles and aunts drove by in a speedboat waving as they left. We started screaming for help, but I guess they thought we were waving and couldn't hear us over the motor.

I don't have to tell you what kind of mood we were all in when the cruiser's drove back by an hour or so later. They towed us in. To this day I have never set foot in a rowboat since and I never will.

Ah childhood how did we survive it?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tripping Through Time Is Number One

My first published book, Tripping Through Time, that was released in ebook format today, is as I write the number one best seller of the paranormal romance Faery line at my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. It is also the number two best seller of all books today. I don't know what that means, but it sure feels good!

I knew I could do something! I just knew it. And I love to write, I always have. I should have thought of trying sooner. But I'm mighty glad I did it now.

Buy my book at The Wild Rose Press, I think you will like it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Tripping Through Time" First Novel released.

Tomorrow January 2nd, 2009, is the day my first book is released in digital format.
On March 27th, it will be in print. It's a time travel romance novel, published by The Wild Rose Press

A young girl, with emotional scars, finds a Celtic ring in the waters of Lake Champlain. this ring transports her back one hundred years in time to the year 1969. Keealyn McCalley finds herself, two wonderful children to love, a new home and through all of her trials, the love of a great man. Keealyn leans that love is truly timeless.

This book is proof that I was here. It gives me the first of a lot of firsts. First book, first published author in my family, first notable accomplishment. Well you get it right? I am proud of myself. I have a talent, I wish I could have figured it out years ago, but let that be. I am here now.
I used whatever came to my head. This story was inside of me trying to get out. And I let it out. In doing so I became an author. Not just someone who writes, but I am a published author. I am so proud of that, it is my greatest accomplishment. And it will always be mine, no one can take it away. I did it!

There is something about this that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Someday, someone will pick up my book, years from now, and say I was.
That I was a person who tried to live a good life, who tried and finally found her one talent, and decided to try to use it. And that this person, had an imagination, and people liked to read her stories.