Saturday, July 17, 2010

How much this means to me!

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I have been so bad about coming up with new blogs. Well there is a reason for that. I have not been well, in the hospital. Hospital should be avoided at all costs. Nurses in the hospital were awful and attitudey because they feel overworked. One nurse told me not to bother her.
Which leads me to think. Why did she become a nurse and she should go get an office job.
But, it's over and I hope not to repeat it any time soon.

Writing has become my world. I worked for 34 yrs as a nurse in an office. I retired and found myself bored to death. I always wrote but usually threw away the attempts. Never thought I was good enough.
But I got serious and finally completed my first book. At least I thought I had.

I joined my local chapter and the RWA, (which has done nothing for me), and I went to my first meeting.
The then president of the chapter dragged my butt in there kicking and afraid.
But to my amazement all I saw was nice people, they do exist! I was floored. They welcomed me and made me feel like an important part of a group, something I never have experienced in my whole life. Nice people! Wow, the world is not just filled with nasty, snotty, McDonalds employees. There was more than a rude neighbors, rude drivers and angry people. In the Florida Romance Writers I found real people who care about others. - Below change the word to write!

I finished my many rewrites using the tools they taught me. And I got a contract! Holy moley!!
I have made so many friends, met so many good people and learned a lot in the process. My chapter is the best there is. They care about each other. They support each other.

One of the member works tirelessly to help other authors sell their books at the wonderful signings she arranges, and she has yet to sell a book.. But I know she will.
There are some well known and well published authors and yes, they are nice too. Not snobby and conceited. Can you believe it?
To sum it up I have such great feelings and affection for this group. I am so happy to have found my niche. And I feel proud and smile when I look at my book.
Thanks all FRW gang. You guys rock, you are my favorite people in the whole world. You know who you are. I can't mention all the names, there are too many of them. But I love you all to pieces. Thanks for being who you are. Thanks for caring about me. You guys are the best!!!

Friends Comments
Special love goes to my fellow bloggers at The Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers and my best buddies forever at the Author Roast and Toast Blog.

Love you guys!!!!