Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Special Soul Passed On

Last nite I lost a precious thing. My dear friend Sharon Donovan. Sharon had a zest for life. Her heart was so big it got damaged. I like to think it's because the love just was too much for it. She came into my life at time when I needed her. Like a bright light that gave me hope and courage. For no one had the courage my friend Sharon had.
It was a thrill when Lyn contacted me and told me they wanted me on their blog. Me? Why me? I had a feeling come over me that I will treasure forever. They liked me for who I am. Because in the past I have had a lack of self confidence and they wanted me! Of all the people they could have asked they asked me!
It was a defining moment for me. Our friendship bloomed. I tend to get a little crazy and Sharon would guide me right back into sense. No Mary, I don't think you should have a centaur drop me into a pile of horse manure. Thanks. As she proceeded to shove my face into a punch-bowl on the Author Roast and Toast Blogspot. She was part of the concept which began with her friend Lulu. Sharon went on to other things, she had a bit of an imp in her and murder just didn't fit into the Inspirational Genre. No matter what she wrote she wrote with all she had in her. She was a writer who could grab you into a story and you had to fight to remember the time once you started one.
She created the popular character Oliver whose existence became her exclusive right. Generously she made Oliver a famous part of the AR&T blog and as long as it's alive I think Oliver will be alive too. But that is a decision for her family.
Sharon had been blind from type I diabetes. It set her back, it took away her dreams of a family and yet she came back with a vengeance. She took a course so that she could learn to use her software and write. Despite having to give up her first love of painting, she didn't give up. She truly had the soul of an a talent. I can imagine what she would have accomplished given more time. And yet I shake my head with amazement at what she had already done. She told it like she saw it. Her story about her struggle is a touching piece of work that just blew me away.
When I felt sorry for myself she would cheer me. How guilty I feel for even complaining to her when she had to carry her heart in a  heavy bag. I never imagined that a tiny person, less then a hundred pounds, could have the strength she had to endure the torture she put up with in hopes of being free again.
Her bucket list included a cruise with the FRW chapter. She was two months from it when she had her first heart attack. Despite a small stroke which made her unable to type with both hands, she continued to push out stories and blogs and emails and...unbelievable. She loved her family, she loved Roses, she loved life.
How do you sum up Sharon Donovan in just a blurb. She was a woman who never let life's problems stop her from anything. She had it, that special thing that made her inspire people to be happy. She really cared. She really did.
So I am gonna remember the girl who kept throwing me into the punch bowl or worse, and I loved every second of it.