Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Thinking

Yesterday I watched the news and saw a story about a young English family with two children.
They had both lost their jobs at Woolworth's and are about to lose their home.
Catie Curic hugged the woman and tried to comfort her by telling her things will get better. I pray they will.
The stagnant loss of our pride and livelihoods has made a hole in the heart of the entire world. Our failures became world failure. A few greedy people, a lot of stupidity, and arrogance, has driven our entire planet into a fugue that will take years to come out of. There is blame to go all around. But very little repentance of any kind. The road to hell is also paved.
I hope that family makes it. I hope we all make it. I wish for world peace. I...
I have no say in any of it. All I can do is cry with that English mom, who may end up homeless. Because we, allowed it to happen.
Let's all try to stop the wave that threatens to drown our world. Start at home with a bit of kindness, a helping hand, a little Ward Clever would help.

Please don't forget if you are in the area. Come to the Serenity Garden Tea House on Saturday, in West Palm Beach, Fl. Just to even say hello. Come have a pot of tea with us and laugh. That's what I want to do.