Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I Can't Wait Till January!! A Cruise!

Sexy Men Comments

Yes, I am going on a four day cruise. I belong to the greatest local chapter of Romance Writers, The Florida Romance Writers, every year they have a fantastic conference called the Muse cruise. It is scheduled for January 20-24. I can't wait! I'm gonna buy my bonnine, just in case. I am not wearing any bikini so no expense there.
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Women Comments
I am gonna watch the hot guys show off, I am gonna read all those stories I have put off reading. I'm getting there guys!

Not much of a dancer so I won't need the dancing shoes or the dress, but I don't mind watching!

Good walking shoes, some new clothes, my portable sound machine, (so if it's noisy I can fall asleep to the sound of a waterfall, rain, or maybe waves breaking on the shoreline), I have so many things to think about.

 Heck I don't have a suitcase that wouldn't embarrass me. I live with someone who never replaces a thing if it still works. I'm still hearing about his washer, (got attached to it after working on it so many darn times), and how I got rid of it.
Now it had to be 20, I know that's young for an item to be trashed from this house, so come on, it had to go!
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Anyways, I will probably only take this cruise once. I will have to beg, borrow and steal to get on, but I am getting on I say! Even if it never happens again, it will happen this once. I am hoping that other writers I know are going. But I am thrilled to be rooming with Sharon Donovan, one of my fellow Author Roast And Toast hostess's. I can't believe it!
Miami - MiamiCool huh?

Some new clothes will be necessary. Hmmmm. I can go to the Keys anytime, and I don't want to go to Mexico. So I can sit on the balcony and inhale salt spray, or do one of the many things there are to do!
I won't really gamble, I hate to lose, but I love to be with friends and watch them sing karaoke whilst I sip a virgin strawberry daiquiri and laugh at tipsy people having fun!

Alcohol Comments

Yes, I am looking forward to it and I'll talk about it more later!!! I will need to bring lots of books and my laptop. Maybe I'll get inspired or learn something new? Maybe I'll take a workshop that will improve my writing and I'll be famous. Maybe I'll meet an editor who wants a story from me right away. Maybe I'll just have a good time and a lot of laughs and that...
That will be more then enough!
Sign up now go to the Florida Romance Writers website, and look for conference cruise!!! The Cruise With Your Muze, yeah!!!