Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I got my canary to go on my finger. Now those of you who don't have a canary or have never had one, don't know how hard a feat that is. Canaries are so skid-dish, they are really scared to be touched. You can train them, but why bother, it's hard and they do all the work they need to when they sing. It's soul stirring, moving, and beautiful enough to make you cry, when you hear it.
Now he is a male or he wouldn't be singing. But he has taken to sitting in his food dish like he's sitting on a nest. He goes into a zone and actually lets me touch him. His little beak tries to bite my skin, to no avail. But he's acting tough. I just push my finger underneath him, till he jumps on my finger. He'll sit there a minute and then realizes where he is. He flies off to a perch.
And me I get my thrill for a day. I have my canary, who speaks to me, and asks me to take the top off his food dish,(actually quite bossy), so he can use it as a bed. He sings to me, , he sits on my finger, he makes me forget the day is bad, and remember the beauty of nature in his big voice. And he eats a lot of food, producing a lot of, well you know.
I have my canary and he sings to me, just me, that's so special.

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