Saturday, July 12, 2008

World Erotic Art Museum

Well not only did I get to see South Beach, which I have never seen, but I got to see the WEAM, the World Erotic Art Museum. A more unique collection of erotic art could not possibly exist. I saw things from 500 yrs BC, to the always lovely Marilyn Monroe. Definitely a place to see.
I was surprised at the quality of the artwork. Yes I did see Homer Simpson with an erection, but I also saw a number of wonderful things. I myself especially loved some of the nude paintings. Some of them were done with such emotion and beauty, I would love to have one for my living room.
Check it out in South Beach, and then walk along the beach and see people just as interesting and diversified.
We have a book signing panel event at the museum. The very first one I ever participated in and I am still here to tell about it. Whew, I made it!

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