Friday, August 22, 2008

The Dentists office

Well, I'm on my way to the dentist. Those words are spoken every day by literally thousands of people. After working in dental offices for so long you'd think the words would mean nothing to me.

But the fear rises. It started back when I was a kid. That long dull needle in the mouth, the smell of the antibacterial solutions. The Drill! Don't forget the dreaded slow grinding drill. Those things are now replaced with disposable, sharp, needles. the sterilizing equipment is state of the art, and the high speed drills make short shrift of decay.

But the fact that they are in my mouth, near my face, my brain, and in a very sensitive area and nerve filled area, somehow makes it scary. I need my mouth.
Today I am just scheduled for a cleaning. Where a smiley fresh faced young female graduate from hygiene school, will attempt to make mincemeat of my gum's, while she scrapes away ugly tarter and stain.

Fluoride came a long way in preventing cavities, now we need something to keep that nasty, gooey, plaque from turning into the dreaded calculus.
If only it were so.

Well here I go, they better not find any cavities or else.

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