Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tell me the Truth!

There is one thing that people constantly do that just makes me crazy, they lie.
I catch them all the time, but I keep it to myself mostly, they get to defensive when confronted.
I understand a lie to protect someone. If a lie will save someone being upset over stupidity, or if it causes unnecessary hurt to tell the truth, lie.
If it makes your mom feel better to tell her you're fine, lie.
But don't lie to make yourself look better. Don't lie and make promises, you aren't going to keep. Don't try to make your mistakes look better by telling lies.
If I ask your opinion, I need the truth, or I wouldn't ask you. Don't gossip, in fact most gossip is based on cruel lies.
For me the truth is what makes you good to me. The truth even if it hurts me, is always better than a lie. I will eventually hear the truth, and I'll know you lied.
The problem with telling a lie is that your mind will forget it. The truth we always remember, a lie is often forgotten.
When my friend asked me what my biggest pet peeve is, this is what I told her. I told her I'd tell the world, so here it is my friend. I told you I don't lie.

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