Friday, September 19, 2008

Life in Florida-the Change of Seasons

Florida is a beautiful state. There are bright people here despite the hanging chads. It made us mad too!
Certainly in the dead of a six month long spell of freezing weather, this is paradise. The ocean and palm trees, this is the place to be.

The one thing I miss about not being up North is the wonderful change of seasons. Here in Florida the change is almost imperceptible to anyone who does not live here. It's so subtle in the fall. The first thing I notice is that the crystals I have hanging outside of the back sliding glass doors, will start to throw their rainbows across the room as they move in the breezes, flashing colors around the kitchen and living room in a kaleidoscope effect. The sun has begun to move lower in the sky and more to the south, as it does light finally hits the faceted leaded glass.

The next thing I notice is that at night it is not quite as humid. Usually nightfall doesn't provide much change in the oppression of sauna like heat. Even though it is insidious, it starts to be less stifling outside. There is the hint in the air of subtle change. Yes, the evenings are just a tad less humid. That's about it.

Winter brings less humidity and the chance of temperatures getting below eighty degrees. When you can open the windows it's winter. this is the time the natives bring out their winter coats in preparation for the maybe two or three nights it gets below fifty. Below forty five they break out the gloves.

Spring the heat begins again, till by summer you can fry a egg on your head outside. I haven't tried this, but I've felt the heat on my head and it sure seems like it could cook food. It's cooked my head several times already.

Now it's summer, my crystals are no longer shining into the house to brighten my day. By the time I get from my front door to the car my head is drenched. By the time the AC kicks in my hair lies in wet globs of sweat. I'm having hot flashes from the ninety five degree temps. and the ninety percent humidity. And God help us all there are hurricanes, Florida sticks out into the Atlantic like a thumb.

The only difference between me and the snow birds is the money to leave. How did native Floridians stand it before air conditioning. Can anybody tell me?

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