Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Husband the Repairman

If something is broken he can fix it. I just gave him the shower cleaning thingee that just stopped working. I hope he can fix it. I hate to buy a new one and I have been pushing for the repair.
He recently fixed my car air conditioning. It took weeks, he's not the youngster he once was. Though I haven't told him so. Living in Florida without AC is like a sentence. By the time you get where you're going, your drenched in sweat. And I don't think a woman my age should sweat.
I haven't got an appliance that isn't 20 years old. That's one downside.
The biggest problem is that he is like the Charlie Brown cartoon character, Pig Pen. Stuff just falls off of him as he walks by. There are screwdrivers and various tools on the TV and saws, drills, etc., by the couch, front door, back door, everywhere.
The kitchen table is hard to find. I know that there is a coffee table under all the stuff.
Every time he starts a new project, out comes more junk. Metric tools and regular tools never find themselves in the tool box, cause he never puts anything away. So he can never find anything. He runs around the house like a madman yelling unintelligible comments under his breath.
When he worked on the roof one time, he got himself up there, and then screamed for two hours for me to get the tools he should have put up there. I am the queen of gofers.
After he finishes his latest project, maybe we can put some of this stuff I trip over away. I can't wait to sit on my couch again, to not need that little flashlight to see what's in the way. To not fall and break my neck, and to look at a neat organized and clean house. Ahhh.

Check that, the washer just broke.


  1. You’re lucky to have a husband who knows how to handle a wrench! My husband can fix cars but not appliances. However, I’m still thankful that even if he’s busy, he still takes the time to give my car a regular check-up and maintenance.

  2. Purchasing a new one is costly compared to having it repaired, but if its old enough and has gone through a lot of repairs, maybe it’s time you consider idea of buying a new one. Think about it, buying a new car can save you from doing repairs and it can also guarantee you that it’s going to be in tip-top condition. Still, I commend your husband for doing the repairs!