Sunday, November 2, 2008

A good day

Florida doesn't have a dramatic change of seasons. It's subtle, but it's there. The sun is lower on the horizon, the nights aren't as stifling, and strong breezes bring the hope of cooler weather.
Farmers are planting their winter crops. Some of the vegetable as great, but I still can't stomach those tasteless Florida tomatoes. But I do look forward to melons, corn, and other fresh edibles.
I don't need as much chlorine in the pool which is good. That stuff is expensive. But without a heater it's not as appealing. The rain cools it down as well as the fountains I love to listen too.
I find myself starting to write again, a little. Which is a lot better than nothing. A bit every day and eventually that second manuscript just might become a book. I can't plot, my head won't let me. So I wait until it comes. I just can't imagine how some writers can push them out so fast. It amazes me to see it.
My dog is starting to scratch less from allergies. The money I have spent on his vet bills have made a deep cut into our finances. My vet says the only way to stop his allergies is to move. Try selling a house in this market.
I enjoyed blogging for Dayana Knight, pleased to be invited. Now I'm gonna bug her till she gets a blog written for me. I just love stories about wolves and Curse of the Marhime is on my short list. Maybe with less vet bills I can actually buy something for me.
I have been spending a lot of time promoting. I did a chat for The Wild Rose Press on Halloween night. People write so fast that by the time I finish what I was saying, they are long gone to a new topic. Well I'm trying to come into this century.
Blogging, my space, facebook, polka dot banner, goodreads, they are endless and there is so much to do when you promote. Just looking through hundreds of emails is time consuming. But they say you have to do it to sell your book. So I jump in holding my nose, and hoping not to drown in it.
So I am alive, I am looking forward to voting a new party in. Hopefully, cause you never know. My mother is better after they took her off of some of the medication they gave her to calm her down after my father died. So that is comforting. My husband is not grouchy today, so that's good.
My friend Jianne Carlo, is writing up a storm. Publishing three books to my one. And they are hot! But they tell wonderful stories and I can't put them down. She had a computer crash, so I haven't heard much from her lately. I miss that, but I am glad her allergies are better. And I am glad her mom is okay.
I am going to Vermont in July. I love going home and I am really looking forward to it. It's funny that Vermont still feels like home. Hopefully people there will like my book since it takes place on the Islands. The local paper, The Islander is going to do a press release for me, and that's exciting.
So here I sit. My palms and the myriad other tropicals I have are so beautiful. When I look outside at the small part of nature that is mine, I smile.
It's a good day.

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