Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pet Peeves-Got Any?

People are different, each of us has something unique about us that makes us special. Today I watched a customer at a deli counter, be rude to the girl waiting on her behind it. Now as far as I am concerned, I wouldn't irritate the person who was currently handling my food. So then I started to think about my pet peeves. I don't know as I have more than anyone else does, but they seem to bother me.

First, I hate rude people. Like the customer at the deli counter talking down to her server. I always try to be nice. Then they offer me a taste.

I don't like lies. I personally always got caught, because I couldn't remember I lied. It isn't true so it doesn't stay in my head. I don't like it, I'd rather hear the truth than a lie, it doesn't work. And when someone lies to me and I catch them, I don't trust them anymore.

I don't like grouchy people. You know the ones who have road rage, or just act snotty. They are apt to be lonely.

Rude gestures, that finger should break buddy. Smile it shocks them.

People who run over others. Slow down, you'll only get there five minutes before me, and you will probably still have to wait. I mean literally too. Don't walk over someone to get where you want to go. It will come back to you.

Don't be late though. It's rude.(See above)

Stealing, give me back my change, if you deserve a tip, I'll give you one. Ever go to lunch and everyone leaves their money on the table. But the amount left is always short, and you end up stuck with the bill. You know who you are, it's stealing.
(Stealing includes taking anything that is not yours without permission)

Impolite men, open the darn door for me. I deserve the respect. Women love a guy who is a gentlemen, smells good and treats them right. Nice pecs help too.

Cursing, it makes a person look stupid and low life. I remember years ago I used the bad one and it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well there never is a right time. But I was embarrassed when it came out. So I have been careful ever since.

So tell me people, what are your pet peeves, let's see what anyone else comes up with.

Next blog, I'll tell you what I like. Like my cousin who makes me laugh.
I got a list of that stuff too!


  1. Interesting post, Mary. I have to agree with you about lies. I just don't lie. I learned my lesson long ago. It's easier, in the long run, to fess up and take the heat if you have to. Lying only makes a bad situation worse.

    Now, if my sons could figure that out, LOL.


  2. You'd be surprised at how much of your values will rub off on your sons. Really surprised. If they tell you the truth about the important stuff now, then as they mature they will get it. Even about honesty in the small stuff.

    The one about lies happens to be my worst peeve too.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Helen!