Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are You A Dog Or A Cat Person?

Pets Comments

Who can resist a cute little puppy?

Pets Comments

Or an adorable little kitten.
Which one are you, a dog or a cat person?

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Each of us has a preference for breed.

Pets Comments

Some people look like their pets. For some of us they are family members.

Just like my boy Junior!

There are people who should live as well as this dog does. But, I have to admit, no one has ever broken into my house.


  1. I'm at heart a dog person, but I do love kittens. Heck, I like any young animal. I once had the privilege of taking care of a Bengal tiger cub. I can still remember that newborn wildcat smell.

    And I love puppy breath!

    Jianne Carlo

  2. Hi Mary, you always have such beautiful pictures on your blog/

    I love all animals, but I suppose I'm firstly a horse person, and then a dog person, although my dog cuddles up to me at home which my horses can't do (and probably wouldn't if they cold) I also have two ferrel cats who are so sweet and affectionate, so although I've never considered myself a cat person, I love them dearly. Each animal has its own personality and unique ways though, so its difficult to be specific.

  3. Hey Mary,

    When do we get new pics?


  4. Hi, Mary!

    I'm definitely a dog person. My Bea is my child and a very important family member, so yes, she is spoiled just as I would a child, LOL

    I am an animal lover in general but I can not live without my furry children. In fact, very soon we are adopting a brother for Bea. We just have to find the perfect addition to the family.

    You know I'm a wolf lover so canines are my fave:)


  5. I refuse to choose between dogs and cats, but I will admit to breed preferences. I like Malamutes, Siamese, American Alley cat, and Germain Shepherds.

  6. I love both cats and dogs, but I'm a huge cat person. I'm sure by now I'm part cat.